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CD & DVD Duplication & Replication Information

CD and DVD Duplication and Replication can seem complicated. This site’s aim is to provide unbiased information, rather than sell you products. As well as the CD and DVD Duplication and Replication processes, related processes such as CD & DVD Glass Mastering, Audio CD Pre-Mastering, Artwork Set-up and Printing Methods for CD and DVDs as well as paper parts are also described. Glossaries are included to decipher the jargon. business ppt templates

CD Duplication

CD duplication described in detail. Sections include: What is CD Duplication?, When is CD Duplication Used?, What CD Duplication Gets You, CD Duplication Equipment and CD Duplication Media. If it is CD Duplication-related, our CD Duplication section has it!

DVD Duplication

DVD duplication de-bunked, including definitions of DVD5, DVD9 and DVD10 and sections on what DVD Duplication is, when DVD Duplication is Used, what DVD Duplication Gets You, DVD Duplication Equipment and DVD Duplication Media.

CD Replication

CD replication broken down, with information on when CD Replication is used rather than CD Duplication, what CD Replication actually is, what you end up with after CD Replication has taken place, CD replication equipment and CD replication media.

DVD Replication

DVD replication broken down, with information on what DVD Replication is, when DVD Replication is used, what you get with DVD Replication, DVD Replication Equipment and DVD Replication Media.

Glass Mastering

Glass mastering is described with relation to its use in the CD Replication and DVD Replication process.

Much More...!

Sections exist on different CD and DVD printing types (silkscreen, offset, litho, digital, thermal etc) and paper printing types (lithographic, digital indigo press etc); jargon and common abbreviations are explained; advice on dealing with CD/DVD Duplication and Replication companies (including how to choose a good one!) etc. More information is added regularly, so please check back and add this site to your favourites.